Back from Odense!

October 3, 2016
Becky and I have just returned from Odense, Denmark, where we recorded the orchestral score of Act 1.  Producing these sessions, and hearing Poul’s magnificent score brought to life for the first time was as an exhilarating experience as I’ve ever had as a musician.  The score has immense heart and character, and is deep inside the minds of the story’s searching characters.
The orchestra (ca. 60 players) had a very nice sized string section, and was gorgeously recorded in The Carl Nielsen Hall by engineer Viggo Mangor.  Benjamin Shwartz conducted the Odense Symphony Orchestra, with the composer attending from downbeat to final cutoff.
We’ll return for the recording of Act 2 in April, 2017, and then begin recording the vocal parts.  The story’s villain, the bass-baritone, Drokan, will be sung by Ashraf Sewailam.  Follow this blog for more news about the recording and stage-productions now in the works.


Recording of the “Thirteenth Child”

Bridge Records will begin recording “The Thirteenth Child” in September of 2016, in Odense, Denmark.  The recording process will involve the recording of all orchestral parts separately from the opera’s vocal parts.  The Odense Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by the American/Israeli conductor, Benjamin Shwartz.  The recording of Act One is scheduled for September, and the recording of Act Two is scheduled for April of 2017.  We will update this post as we select the cast for the recording.