June 4, 2017

We’ve now recorded and edited both acts of the orchestration.  Act 2’s recording came with some extra drama attached!  Our conductor, Beni Shwartz, called from the Copenhagen airport 15 minutes before we were due to go over to the concert hall for the recording session.  Beni:  “I need to fly back to Israel right away-  my wife’s water broke!”

Yow! The choice was to cancel our recording and move the recording back a year or two, or jump in and conduct the act myself. I’ve worked (as producer) with this orchestra for 15 years and know them well.  I decided to have a go, and fortunately it all worked out well.  In fact, better than well.  For three days of sessions they played beautifully for me, and I was one happy conductor. And  I know Poul was happy too.  The score is superb.  Inspired. Heartfelt.  I can hardly wait to see the opera staged.

Next we’ll record some synthesizer parts, and then start laying down the vocal tracks.  Drokan is first. The role will be sung by Ashraf Sewailam.  He’s  scheduled to record it  the last few days of August.


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