Big announcement!

Hello, dear readers!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, but I can assure you that we’ve been busy working on the recording of “The Thirteenth Child”, and making plans for the world premiere production. YES. The first staged production of our opera is now scheduled for summer of 2019! And 2020 will see the European premiere, in Odense Denmark.

Here is the Santa Fe Opera’s announcement of the premiere production:

The recording of “The Thirteenth Child” is moving along beautifully! With the Odense Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Starobin (with the help of associate conductor Benjamin Shwartz in Act 1)  we’re now down to recording just a couple of vocal roles and the chorus. The plan is to complete recording by October of 2018 and issue the opera in 2019, before the premiere in Santa Fe. The cast thus far: Sarah Shafer as Princess Lyra; Tamara Mumford as Queen Gertrude; Ashraf Sewailam as Drokan; Matt Boehler as King Hjarne; David Portillo as Benjamin.

I’ll try to post news here more often!


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