Final edit

We’ve finished editing The Thirteenth Child recording! Final mix and mastering is set to wrap on April 4, with the release scheduled for June 6. It’s now two and a half years since beginning the recording in Denmark, and I can finally begin to see some light at the end of this very long tunnel.

The process of recording this opera has been an education for me musically, as well as in current recording methods and possibilities. Much of it was unplanned. I never expected to co-write a libretto, and I certainly didn’t expect to end up conducting the orchestra. I’ve had tremendous engineering and technical support from Doron Schachter, chief engineer on the project, with great work from engineers Adam Abeshouse and Viggo Mangor. Silas Brown will be mastering the recording, and if all goes well, I’ll report on our wrap in a couple of weeks.

Thank you to all the performers and especially, to my collaborators Poul and Becky.

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